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Security Alarm System

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Released: May 21 2009
Price: $0.99


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Let's see here. $200 phone $400 if you have the original iPhone priceless data personal photos no warranty options for a lost or stolen device. How can you NOT have your phone or Touch or equipped with Security Alarm System? Whether to keep your clumsy friend away from noodling around on your phone or maybe someone with a more sinister motive Security Alarm System will pretend to safeguard and deter your phone from damage or theft. (Of course no App can really do that but it's fun to play with your friends isn't it?)

Simply type in your password in the text box and the system will go into a simulated security lock mode. Once in lock mode the system will be detecting movement. If your device is moved or picked up a alarm sound will go off your phone will vibrate and your own personal message will appear on the screen. In the menu screen you can customize what text message you'd like to be displayed on the screen in the event your phone's alarm is breached; make it fun and playful or try to scare people off with a serious stern message. To turn the alarm off or to deactivate the system type in your password. You can also put Security Alarm System in lock mode and just let it sit there; when someone turns it on the alarm will go off.

Personalization by incorporating your name in the process of scanning.
Allows you to input your own messages to the screen.
Voice access and denial messages along with text.
Alarm sound.
Saves locked state.

Security Alarm System works with both generations of the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch